Jon Hall

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Photography is an active and engaging process for me, I have an opportunity to capture the perfect moment and tell a story through my camera. Whether that story echoes the soul of a city, captures an occasion in someone's life, or documents a life experience, I bring that story to focus.

When photographing urban landscapes and cities, I venture through the cities I'm visiting and engage with local citizens, constantly developing a rapport with people and learning about the city itself. My photographs are an extension of that conversation and I begin to understand why people love the city they live in. I've had the good fortune to photograph urban and natural landscapes from Pittsburgh to New York, Kansas City to Los Angeles, and I'm always looking forward to traveling to new places, having new experiences, and embarking on unique adventures with my camera and tripod.

With portrait photography, I begin with a conversation to get to know people before I even start taking photos. When people feel comfortable and show their natural personalities, I capture that exact moment. Usually, I'll ask them tell a story about their lives, something that has made an impact and shaped who they are today, and focus on that moment. In that instance, I capture their true personality.

As a designer and college educator for the past decade, photography was the perfect medium that merged my creative and technical sides together. I'm a die-hard StarWars fan that can discuss the extended universe for hours, while also talking poetically about the Steelers defensive line. I'm a wine connoisseur that loves beer, and a meat eater that loves broccoli. I'm a seasoned traveler that misses Pittsburgh the second I leave, but loves new places. But what I enjoy most is learning from each person I work with, constantly evolving, and using the experiences gained to propel me to my next adventure.

If you'd like to sit down over an IPA or a hot cup of coffee, let's talk about your next photography session. So take a look through some of my favorite photographs in the galleries and get in contact if you want to work together, just click the link above. I'd love to meet you.

I was recently awarded two International Macro Photography Awards.

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